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Ami privilégié : souviens-toi ! lors de l'ultime projection du premier long métrage de Laurent Boutonnat, des fans sont venus exprès de Russie.
Ils doivent être contents car le film est sorti finalement le 17 avril dernier


avec Google Linguistique, voici la traduction en anglais de la page russe :

www.cpdvd.ru | movies on DVD: catalog | p Joe jin 
Genre: Adventure
Director: Laurent Butonna
Cast: Milen Farmer, Jeff Dahlgren, Dzhoss Ekland
Country: United States, France
Year: 1994
Release Date: 17.04.2008
Running time: 177 minutes.
Image format: 16:9
Sound Format: DD 5.1 rus., DTS, DD 5.1 English.
Pravovladelets: Music-trade
In 1918. A young doctor Giorgio Volli, conquered on its front, sent to orphanages, where once worked. Shelter during the war was evacuated in the village lost in the mountains, surrounded by bleak forests and impassable swamps. Arriving there, Giorgio learns that all children had died and local residents, anger and rampant in its cruelty, blamed for their deaths strange ryzhevolosuyu Catherine…

(merci à Lonely_Mylenium pour l'info)

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